APPART embodies a unique blend of APPAREL and ART through limited edition clothing embellished with distinctive art pieces.

Our brand represents quirky self-expression with the aim to oppose social uniformity by encouraging genuine diversity and individual authenticity.

Through the establishment of a moving gallery for our unique art pieces, APPART challenges the norm of conventional art galleries intended for merely a select group of people.

We believe that humans as well as a company we have a responsibility to preserve this planet and contribute to the well-being and improvement in quality of life for its inhabitants.

There are many issues that require attention in this world; global warming, equal rights for all humans, animal cruelty, waste management, and sady – many more. At APPART we are no superhumans and can’t work on fixing all problems at once. Hence we have decided to fully commit to one project at a time until we have implemented changes and achieved our goals.

Since we have strong ties to Mozambique, our projects will primarily target opportunities to help in Africa.

However, we are always open to new ideas and welcome suggestions. If you have a viable project or idea and are interested to implement it with the support of APPART, please send us an email at

Our current project involves a small school in Chionzela, Inhambane province, Mozambique.

History of the school.

The school was formed in 1959, three classrooms were built in the Macanjuine area with classes taught from first to third grade by professor Titosse Matenene Guambe in colonial times. Students then continued with their studies in the close by town of Mavila. The school went bankrupt when the teacher left for employment in the national highway company. The village of Chionzela was without a teaching institution for a while.

On March 2, 1976, the school was named „Primary School of Chionzela“, teaching from 1st to 4th grade. After concluding the 4th grade, students attended the Mavila Mission.

With the emerge of the civil war, the school once again entered into decay and only returned to work in 1997 with professor Ernesto Feijāo. Other teachers were sent to reinforce the teaching process.

In 2014 the school grew to become a high school and is currently working with 103 students, 49 boys and 54 girls taught by 6 teachers (The information presented here is from 01.07.2019).

The school currently has 3 classrooms, of which this one is the main room. 
The other two classrooms are smaller in size and heat up much more during the day due to the corrugated iron roofs. 

We met with the Governor of the Inhambane province to discuss the details of the project, brainstorm for ideas of improvement and how APPART can be involved. 


The project will be realized by the Governor personally, APPART Lifestyle, and other privately interested parties.

Details of the project.

The school will be rebuilt with 3 new buildings of stone and proper roofing. 

Building one will have 2 classrooms and an administrative room. 

Building two will have 3 classrooms.

Building three will be a bathroom for the students.

Through provision of better classroom structures, a roof and stone walls, as well as the bathroom, we aim to increase the capacity potential of the school. Currently the quality of teaching is very good, however, many students are unable to attend the classes due to limited space and infrastructure. Through improving the quality of the infrastructure and increasing the capacity, we hope to attract more students and thus, reach more kids with qualitative education.